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A Double-blind Placebo Controlled Study of Mixed-amphetamine Salts, Extended Release (Adderall XR) for Cognitive Impairment in MS
NCT02676739 Clinical Trial
A Phase I Study to Evaluate the Single and Multiple-dose Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Trappsol Cyclo (HP-Beta-CD) in Patients With Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC-1) and the Effects of Dosing Upon Biomarkers of NPC Disease
NCT02939547 Clinical Trial
A Randomized Trial of Positive Airway Pressure Therapy to Treat Cognitive Dysfunction in MS Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea
NCT02544373 Clinical Trial
Activity & Cognition After Treatment (ACT) for Breast Cancer
NCT02592070 Clinical Trial
An Assessor-Blinded, Randomised Controlled Trial of Acupuncture to Prevent Chemobrain in Breast Cancer Patients
NCT02457039 Clinical Trial
Antiglucocorticoid Therapy for Cognitive Impairment in Late-life Anxiety Disorders
NCT01333098 Clinical Trial
Application of Miglustat in Patients With Niemann-Pick Type C
NCT01760564 Clinical Trial
Association Between Changes in Cerebral Gray Matter Volume and Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Elderly Patients Following Sevoflurane Anesthesia (POCD-MRI)
NCT02045004 Clinical Trial
Can an Evidence-based Mirrors Intervention Reduce Postoperative Delirium in Older Cardiac Surgical Patients? A Pilot and Feasibility Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
NCT01599689 Clinical Trial
Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure Oscillations During Exercise: Relation to Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation and and to the Prevalence of Cognitive Dysfunction in COPD
NCT02660437 Clinical Trial