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ID/Name Source Type
''Pilot Study of Armodafinil in Patients With Dementia With Lewy Bodies''
NCT01023672 Clinical Trial
A Prospective Multi-center Study Comparing the Performance of the Dysphagia Detection System (DDS) in Detecting Impaired Swallowing Safety and Efficiency as Compared to the Clinical Reference Method - Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study
NCT03387267 Clinical Trial
A Study to Test the Performance of the CogState Computerized Neuropsychological Battery in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease (0000-086)(COMPLETED)
NCT00777608 Clinical Trial
Aging Stereotypes and Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease
NCT03138018 Clinical Trial
Biomarker Predictors of Memantine Sensitivity in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease
NCT03703856 Clinical Trial
CAMCI: Advancing the Use of Computerized Screening in Healthcare
NCT03512301 Clinical Trial
Comparison of Two Modes of Administration of the IADL Questionnaire, Assessing the Level of Functional Autonomy of Patients to Carry Out the Tasks of Daily Living: Randomized Controlled Trial Among Patients of a Memory Clinic
NCT02654574 Clinical Trial
Computerized Cognition Testing in Participants With Mild Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Treated With Donepezil (MK-0000-318)
NCT02064920 Clinical Trial
Contribution of Actigraphy and Recognition Video in Apathy Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease : Experimental Research
NCT01049555 Clinical Trial
Development of a New Neuroimaging Method Aimed to Differentiate Mnesic Abilities of Alzheimer and Depressed Patients
NCT02840045 Clinical Trial